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Design. Branding. Corporate Identity. Lead Generation Funnel. A lot of big buzz words out there when it comes to design. Call it what you want! We can do it all – but only if it fits to your brand and your overall strategy.

(Don’t have a strategy yet? We can do that, too!)

Having a concept for design is essential when you want people to memorize your company and products. Based on a well-thought design concept you may evolve an entire audiovisual, haptic and semantic system which further deepens any interaction with your company – this system is called branding or brand design.

Strong branding leads your audience to your channels and fills your funnels with real human beings. Humans willing to interact with and being interested in your product. That’s why we love design so much – it communicates stories and catches your target audience.

Great branding produces good numbers. Paired with a bold production and powerful analytics.

Thinking ahead is what separates good content from truly great stuff. In today’s day and age it is crucial to take advantage of both live on-location sets and swarm effects of the digital space. For you as a brand.
Treat yourself to a powerful partner who feels home in both worlds.

Think you can do it yourself? Yes, you can!
We can show you how. Enter the process of creating a full-size plan customized to your capabilities. 

Cross-channel messaging is the key to unlock any modern customer. However, this requires a serious amount of upfront thinking. That’s why we can’t emphasize enough the value of strategic planning. Do you deem yourself ‘spontaneous’? If you are the ad-hoc, run-of-the-mill type of team leader, you should seriously consider meeting with us. We promise it will be life-changing. Nothing less.

What do we mean by saying production? We conceptualize. We organize. We execute. We deliver.

How do you know an investment was worth purchasing? How do you make sure a dollar spent brings at least two dollars in?

It’s not about the clicks. It’s about setting goals and truly committing to these goals. In order to keep track we build a customized backend architecture visualizing where your brand is regarding . It’s the missing link between production and profit. We give you more than numbers. We hand you the bigger picture.


Your current configuration might not be sufficient for what you actually need to target. Optimising these procedures and integrating into your existing universe, is what we Cat. people pride ourselves to. We’re not the 76th tool in your software stack – we replace the majority of what you were using.

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