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Social CEOs win the game of this century on all touchpoints. Become one.

where you at.

No time for social – despite its value.
Fear of wrong-doing. Posting bears risks.
Patchwork content like a sleepy pill.


where you will be.

100% value from 10% of your time.
High-quality content approved by legal.
Engaging action pieces. One top voice.


Dark illuminated Whisky vault Symbol Content Creation Machinery Social CEO Cat The Brand Catalyst

batch production.
drip delivery.

We're not about chasing fleeting viral sensations.
We believe in consistent series of captivating experiences.
Reputation has never been created from a one-hit wonder.
Accordingly, we produce several small batches of digestible content. IN ONE GO.

Picture Cat. as distillery – where we carefully craft and age each piece.
Nurturing it until it reaches its peak flavor.
Refined like a well-aged liquor. Until it's time to be released with full flavour. Drip by drip.
Tantalizing your audience's senses and leaving them craving for more.

strategic storytelling meets high-value content.
reliable & trusted.

CEO lady in a state of deep thought in the rear seat of an extravagant limousine, looking out of the window | Thoughtleadership social media content featuring the CEO | Cat. The Brand Catalyst
Multiple mobile devices | Enriched Social CEO Batch
Thoughtleadership social media content featuring the CEO | Cat. The Brand

multiple formats for
maximum yield


Made for the
mobile-first era

Sharp on all ends.

Get your thoughts
read by those who count

Proper exposure.

Unlock the Power of your Personal Brand.

Positive processing prowess fueled with speed and balance.

what you need.

2 consecutive days.
An open mind and full attention.
3 dresses & some spare clothes.

fully prepped.

what you will receive.

3 months worth of content.
A hyper-personalized content strategy matrix.
Full data access to watch the curves rise.

loaded to rock.🤘

bereit für einen Boost?

As a CEO you deserve pro results.
Get your batch NOW!

Connecting with real advertising professionals - all experts in their field - is like a good party: the right people come together, there's no awkward silence and in the end everyone leaves enchanted.

Strategic CEO Branding

From running pilots to building awareness to stellar reputation. In the long run, you want to wield influence, employer branding and becoming a true thought-leader of our time.

We concept, produce & distribute your content assets. Your social GTM strategy.

Reputation Premium

Understand the correlation between "visibility = reputation' and the power your personality premium: one whopping 58% of your company's overall reputation!

We build strong online presences. It's your sphere of influence. Amplified.

Trustworthy Communication Mix

Showcase your resilience and leadership in troubled times of VUCA. Become a beacon of stability and adaptability.

We craft carefully curated content symphonies. Mind-bending. Activating.

Leader's Content Batch

12 weeks worth of
carefully crafted pieces
single fee, excl. board & lodge
  • Preproduction / Research, Scripting & Legal Approval
  • Principal Photography / Video & Photo Shooting
  • Maturing / Editing, Refining & Ghostwriting
  • Distribution / Pipeline Setup, Content Curation & Drip Release
High Demand

Your personal brand as a CEO deserves Cat.

Cat's customized content marketing solutions will link creativity with performance. maximize impact and drive results.

Our experts guide you through the jungle of social media, websites and content production. Gain in-depth understanding how to harness your brand's unique qualities.

Discover what to hunt for. Let Cat chart you a course for success. A safe territory you can rely on.

Together we design strategic structures to make your overall brand vision come alive.

Partner with Cat. Unlock your leadership power!

Entdecke Cat.